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The 20 Shilling Series

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Our catalogue.

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A great gift idea!

Rare Baedekers
Largest collection in the world!

About Baedeker
The fascinating history of the publishing house.

WPA Guides
The most extensive work about the USA ever done.

The Work Progress Administration
The American Guides Series and its history.

New York
Vintage books about the Big Apple.

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10 Reasons why a rare book could be the perfect (holiday) gift:

1) A (rare) book is a long lasting present.

2) A (rare) book is an authentic voice from the past, much better than a dryly written history book.

3) A (rare) book is less expensive than many other collectible gifts.

4) A (rare) book often appreciates in value with the passage of time.

5) A (rare) book is a good way to impress your guests.

6) A (rare) book uses no electricity.

7) A (rare) book can be a wonderful memory of a loved one.

8) A (rare) book can be enjoyed as often as you like whenever you like.

9) A (rare) book can be easily shared.

10) A (rare) book is a good way to learn.


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