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This is what a customer said about our store:

   I was in your store two weeks ago on a trip to the city to see some shows, tour north Central
Park, eat at some fabulous restaurants and check out the Hopper show at the Whitney.
I found your store online and made plans to get there to support independent booksellers.
I bought My New York by Mabel Osgood Wright, brought it home, and just today finished it. Believe me
when I say that your store and the book was the best part of the entire trip and that includes
orchestra seats at Kinky Boots which was perfect. The book took me back to 19th century NYC and it was
written by a woman who clearly loved where she lived. The detail captivated me and her child's
memory of Lincoln's funeral "parade" passing before her home brought tears to my eyes.
SO-- a thousand thanks for being in midtown. Rizzolli is interesting but I didn't buy a book there. Lots of
eye candy there. Your store was real, has excellent books, and on my next trip, I will make
a point of visiting and buying. My friend wants to borrow the book and I'm not sure I can let it out
of my house. It is a treasure as is your store!
Marianne, October 2013 (IL)

(To be continued, as soon as we are getting more nice emails like that, just in case you feel inspired).


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