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Baedekers: The red small vintage guidebooks that give detailed information on many places around the world. Learn how travelling was 100 years ago in one of the cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna. Alternatively - learn about travelling to Switzerland, Northern France, Southern France, Scandinavia, 

Also impressive are the Baedeker Regional Guides: The Alps, Mediterranean, Tyrol, The Rhine, or the rare and only English edition of  The Riviera.

Also popular is the Baedeker Northern Italy - with a beautiful two color fold-out map of Venice. The Central Italy and Rome guide has a magnificent fold-out panorama of Rome among many other maps and plans.

Although there was no Baedeker New York (only a reprint with that title) - there is an extensive section on NYC in the United States Baedeker. 

The ultimate rare Baedeker is the Baedeker Russia - only printed once in 1912 with a very small printrun. Also very rare is the Madeira guide, printed as a paperback booklet. The scarce "Indien" Baedeker only came out in German. This is how far east Baedeker went. (There is eg. no Japan Baedeker).


A&C Black: Watercolor illustrated books with luxuriously decorated boards. Rare - the ultimate gift idea. The A&C Black's book was the precursor of today's coffeetable book. Rather than taking the actual trip to a country - the A&C Blacks was a great way to show off what destination you are interested in. The books were expensive even when they came out 120 years ago - but still much cheaper than to take the actual trip. 

Destinations included Kashmir, Oceania, which were to adventurous to travel for normal people. The first titles of that publishing house focussed on were on England, followed by many European destinations: France, Italy,