Here are the answers to our summer 2013 quiz!



1. B.--Siegel and Schuster created Superman.


2. A.--Richard Henry Dana wrote Two Years Before the Mast based on his navy service.


3. C.--The only English language Baedeker guide to Russia was published in 1914.


4. B.--The 1863 riots in New York City were born of opposition to the military draft.


5. C.--Rome is the Eternal City.


6. B.--Five Points was a notorious NYC slum, about where City Hall Park is now.


7. D.--The Woolworth Building was tallest in the world from 1913-1930.


8. B.--Richard Halliburton swam the Panama Canal.


9. D.--All of the above.  By 1900, machinery had largely taken over from handcrafting.


10. D.--Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone had a much smaller print run than the others listed.


11. G.--All of the above, of course.


12. B.--The part of the dust jacket that wraps around the covers to the inside.




Thanks to all who participated and stay tuned for our next quiz contest in the fall!